Nappies – Disposable vs Reusable Nappies

Nappies – Disposable of Cloth?

Have you got a new baby coming? Well then, nappies will play a big part in your life for quite some time so here are some points to consider to make your job easier. Everyone is different. Some prefer to go with using only disposable nappies, others are concerned for the environment and their household budget so choose re-usable ones and then again some people like to use both systems. The choice is yours 


Disposable Nappies pros vs cons:

Disposable nappies are very easy to use and a baby feels comfortable wearing them. They firt well and do not leak so clothes and bedding stay clean and dry. However, they have to be disposed of and do not break down in landfills which is a concern to many. They have to be stored at home for a week until rubbish day. Children who have always worn a disposable nappy are using much older when they become toilet trained so there is a long, on going cost associated with their use

Babyco brand nappies  are EXCLUSIVE to Babyco and are very reasonably priced. They come in four sizes,

Infant     4 -7 kgs

Crawler  6-11kgs

Toddler 10-14kgs

Walker  13-18kgs

They come in convenient packs or in even more economical boxes and are available in store on on-line from Babyco. They are unisex and an extra absorbent design so are fine for day and night use. The waistband and leg openings are designed to be comfortable, fit well and prevent leakage.

The strong tabs make changing a wriggly baby a breeze.

Additional items needed are nappy sacks, wipes, a change mat or pad and a Sangenic nappy disposal system.

Cloth Nappies pros vs Cons

Cloth nappies  look great, show you care about the environment and over time cost a lot less. Your child will be toilet trained earlier usually too. Measured against all of this is the fact that you will have to wash nappies every day.

Babyco sells a range of re-usable nappies. The main brands are Babyco and Green Beginnings.

The Babyco Reusable Nappies are one size fits all due to the ingenious domed design that means the outer can be easily made bigger or smaller. They come with two microfiber inserts and packs of two inserts can also be purchased separately. More inners than outers are needed as the outer does not need to be changed each time as it often does not get wet. They come in a range of colours and some cute patterns too.


Green Beginnings nappies are exclusive to Babyco. They come as a trial pack of one liner and one nappy cover, a pack of four covers in four sizes and packs of 8 liners with four booster pads for night time use in sizes new born, small/medium and large. The pads are placed in the unique pocket inside the nappy cover with the quilted side facing the baby’s skin. This pad has four layers with the top one a stay-dry layer to drain fluids away keeping the skin dry and clean and preventing nappy rash. A booster is added for extra protection at night when baby is in bed for a longer period.


Most people require 6 – 8 washable nappies at least. Always wash and dry before use. This makes the pads thicker and more absorbent. If the nappy covers have Velcro remember to close the tabs before putting in the machine. Most people prefer to place used nappies in a bucket with a lid, sprinkle baking soda over them to prevent odours. Wash at 40degrees C. Using one quarter to one half of a very sensitive washing detergent which is perfume free. Do not use fabric softener. The most important thing is to make sure they are VERY well rinsed. A build up of detergent can cause odours. Line dry or machine dry according to the instructions on the brand of nappies you are using .


Accessories you may need:

If using disposable nappies, a Sangenic nappy disposable system is a great way to deal with a week’s worth of used nappies. After every change place the nappy into the bin and the unique system wraps each nappy like a sausage so no smells or bacteria can escape. Come into a Baby Factory store and learn how it works.

Everyone needs wipes. A pack of thick, unscented wipes is a must at home, in the nappy bag, in the car and at Grandma’s house. Babyco sells Wee Ones which fit the bill.

Everyone also needs a change mat or change table. Nappy sacks are handy to have in the nappy bag too to disguise a used nappy as you put it in a bin when out and about.

Babyco sells a range of toiletries from Mustela and Weleda  as well as Johnson & Johnson for using at nappy change time. Also, Babyco still sells old fashioned 100% cotton nappies in packs of 6 or 12 together with overnaps and slidelock nappy pins.

If using re-usable nappies a nappy pail with a lid is a must. They are available in blue or white


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