Picking the right clothing for your newborn

Baby Clothing Requirements For a New born

New Born: For a basic new born baby layette you need in size 0000, 4 x singlet’s or bodysuits (which are singlet’s that dome together at the crotch) and 4 x sleep suits or nighties. Sleep suits are often called stretch and grows and they have long arms and built in feet to keep a new baby snug and warm. A couple of cotton beanies are useful too as babies lose a lot of heat from their heads. Ricochet is a Babyco exclusive brand which is great quality at a very reasonable price. It also has selected styles for tiny premature babies in sizes 00000 and 000000.

Other clothing in more interesting styles, colours and fabrics is great too but is not an absolute necessity. However, there are such attractive outfits at Babyco that you will probably give in to temptation. If buying a gift ask for a gift exchange card so the recipient can exchange it at any store throughout Melbourne if the size or colour is wrong.

Many mothers like to swaddle their babies and a good range of these is available in store or on-line at Babyco. Some are shaped wraps like Swaddle Me and Love to Swaddle and others are large 100% cotton squares to wrap baby in.

Fabrics which are 100% cotton are good for babies and so is the Merino wool range under the Ricochet label. Man-made fabrics such as polyester can make some babies very hot which is not good. They do not breathe as natural fabrics do.

The temperature of a sleeping baby’s room should be about 20degrees. A baby dressed in the clothing outlined about with a wool blanket over the top should be warm but not too hot in most NZ homes

A baby grows out of the first size at 5kgs. The next sizes are:

-000 up to 6kgs

-00    up to 8kgs (about 6 months)

-0       up to 10-12kgs (about 12 months

After that we sell size 1,2,3 and 4 for the corresponding ages

Babyco sells a wide range of basic practical clothing for playing and pre-school rough and tough treatment plus more stylish outfits for smarter occasions.

The Ricochet range is designed in New Zealand for New Zealand and Australia children sizes, tastes and lifestyles. The Tangerine range is another exclusive range with a very fashionable vibe.

The Autumn and Spring ranges can be worn for most of the year with the addition of a warm jacket and leggings or tights in the colder months. Other ranges stocked by Babyco include Baby Kids, Bonds, All Blacks, Buzzy Bee and a budget range called Mobi Minors


Heads need covering too. Babyco sells warm beanies for the winter and sun hats in summer

In Summer there is a full range of UV protective swimwear.

Summer and winter ranges of pyjamas are very popular too. The quality and prices are so good that customers come back year after year for more as their children grow 

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