Baby Bottles – Buyers Guide

Baby Bottles and their teat

Babyco has a large range of bottles and teats for using as a top up feed or for regular formula feeding. The staff at Babyco can give advice on the most suitable options for even the fussiest babies. Babyco stocks a number of well known and respected brands such as – Philips Avent, Nuk, Medela, Closer to Nature and Evenflo.

What kind of baby bottle will I need?

A very young baby only needs a small bottle with a capacity of 125ml, as a small amount at a time is consumed. It is important that the teat is a slow flow one so that the milk does not flow too quickly and cause a tummy upset from swallowing the milk too quickly. If breast milk is being given, some brands have a special teat for this as it flows more quickly than formula. Baby tells you when he needs to move to a faster teat by falling asleep from the effort of sucking strongly on the slow teat or by just protesting loudly that it is too slow. At this point a bigger bottle with a capacity of 260ml is often introduced

Safety considerations

In recent years all reputable manufacturers have changed to bottles which are BPA free. Some also produce glass ones but they are not all that suitable if the home has tiled floors as a broken bottle is a very dangerous thing. BPA free bottles are made from polypropylene. It is important that a bottle be BPA free as there is strong scientific evidence that has linked BPA to a number of very serious health problems


Baby Bottle Warmers – Bottle warmers are the safest way to heat milk. Heating in a microwave is not at all recommended and dealing with a kettle of boiling water while only half awake at 2am is quite dangerous


How to test the milk is the right temperature –  The temperature of milk only has to be lukewarm (body temperature) Give the bottle a gentle shake after mixing and always, of course, test it on the delicate skin on the inside of your arm before feeding it to baby. It should just feel slightly warm, not hot. Discard heated milk after an hour as bacteria can multiply in warm milk


How to store milk –  If going out for the day it is best to take a sterilised bottle of water and a measure of formula in a formula container which can be bought at Babyco then mix and heat it when ready to feed. That way no dangerous bacteria have time to breed. If taking out breast milk, transport in a thermal bag and heat in hot water when needed or better still, just feed baby when needed. If you have a surplus of breast milk, Babyco stocks hygienic breast milk storage bags from Medela or sterilisable milk storage pots from Philips/Avent. Ice block trays etc. are not going to provide a sterile environment for precious breast milk

Sterilizing your bottles and teats –It is extremely important to sterilise a small baby’s bottles and teats. Milk is warm and any bacteria present will multiply very rapidly in warm conditions causing stomach upsets which can result in weight loss. Wash bottles and teats in soapy water, rinse, then sterilise either in a microwave steriliser, by boiling in a large pot for 5 minutes or by immersing in a solution using Karicare tablets from Babyco

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