Breast Pumps – Buyers Guide


Breastfeeding has many benefits for baby and for mother. The antibodies in breastmilk protect babies from illness. Babies who are breastfed also benefit from appropriate jaw,teeth and speech development as well as overall facial development. A breastfed baby feels content and secure against mother’s skin while feeding and a mother who breastfeeds saves time and money.

Help to achieve successful breastfeeding is available from your midwife, a lactation consultant or the la Leche League.

A breast pump can be invaluable to a mother who wishes to breastfeed . They are wonderful for increasing milk supply and for expressing milk so father (or Grandma) can feed the baby to allow mother some time to sleep or work.

Choosing the correct pump for your needs is crucial as they cannot be returned for hygiene reasons so do your homework and choose the one that suits your needs.Never send your partner out to buy one without clear instructions. Do your homework before your baby arrives so you can ascertain which is the model for you after you have given birth.

Electric models are designed for frequent use and manual styles are just for occasional use eg: a night out or a trip to the dentist etc.manual ones are too slow to be used more than 3-5 times a week as a rule.

Babyco sells a wide range of breast pumps from four different companies plus milk storage kits and other useful accessories. The ranges include the latest fast electric pumps for working mothers and also pumps for busy mothers at home juggling the demands of several children.

Babyco also hires out the Medela Lactina, a hospital grade pump more suited to mothers who have a difficult situation eg: a premature baby who is still in hospital ,a baby with cleft palate, poor milk supply or a multiple birth. This pump has a double pumping action and allows a mother to pump more breast milk in a shorter period of time.

A new model which deserves it’s place at top of the range is the Medela Swing Maxi. It is quick, efficient and comfortable and is designed for daily use.It is great for increasing milk supply.It is qa double pump.

The Medela Swing is a single pump which is also quick,quiet and gentle with 2phase expression to mimic baby’s natural sucking action

The Medela Mini Electric does not have the 2phase expression feature and is more suited to occasional use only.

Philips Avent have an electric pump with an electronic memory feature which puts the mother in control by learning and continuing her personal pumping style.

The Closer to nature electric pump is designed to mimic a baby’s natural feeding action at the touch of a button.

The Nuk electric pump has a fast and efficient natural pulse rhythm which maximizes milk flow while the universal breastshield helps with let down

The Medela Harmony has the 2phase expression feature for comfortable letdown and efficient pumping. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to use.

The Medela Base is suitable for very occasional use only. Some people find this design hard to operate but it is very reasonably priced if it fits your requirements.

The Avent Manual model,like the electric one too,has a soft massage cushion with petals that expand and contract stimulating milk flow comfortably and gently

The Closer to Nature Manual pump has only three parts so it is super easy to disassemble and clean.

The Nuk Manual model has an ergonomic handle for better comfort while pumping.


Accessories you might want to go with your breast pump are available at Babyco  and include – milk storage bags or pots a microwave steriliser ,sterilizer tablets,Medela Quick Clean bags,a bottle brush and extra bottles and teats. Parts for your breast pump can be ordered with pre-payment from Babyco.


Breastmilk collected in the morning and refrigerated immediately can be used on the same day or the next. If you want to store it longer,use the storage solutions available at The Baby Factoy. Using other unsterilized containers like ice block trays is unsafe.


Twins? Yes you can feed twins and probably would find a breast pump an invaluable aid to help achieve this. Perhaps you could consider feeding one yourself then the other with expressed milk which someone else can help you with, then alternate methods for the next feed and so on. This way both babies get plenty of mum’s love and warmth.


Choose the best breast pump you can afford for efficient, successful pumping. Ask for help and advice from the trained sales consultants at Babyco.

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