High chairs – The Buyers Guide


Highchairs come in many types and sizes from a simple hook-on one which attaches to a table through basic one level folding ones to more luxurious ones with soft padding and up to 6 heights.

A highchair is a must once a child is eating solids as feeding a baby  who is not in a highchair is like nailing jelly to a tree – very messy and frustrating!

When a child feels too grown up to sit harnessed into a highchair a booster seat lifts them to a comfortable height when sitting at the table.

When choosing a highchair think about the space it will occupy as it will be used for a couple of years so if the room is small a simple folding one might be more appropriate. If there is room, one of the softly padded ones with different heights ,a reclining function and castors is a better option. They are much more comfortable and as a child spends quite a lot of time in a highchair at feeding times,that is something to consider. Also, often babies start solids before they can sit properly so the recline function is great because they can be fed at an angle closer to how they are used to drinking milk and not being forced to sit upright before they are ready to as well has having strange stuff poked into their mouth.

To clean the plastic cover of a highchair, never use the type of household cleaner which comes in a squirt bottle as it is too harsh and over time will eat through the plastic. Merely dilute washing up liquid and wipe over the whole highchair. On some models the harness can be removed for thorough washing .

Harnesses must be used at all times to prevent the adventurous child from trying to stand up and get out. Most highchairs come with 5 point harnesses to keep the child safety in the highchair even when your back is turned. While the design of the splayed legs means highchairs are very stable, they are NOT designed to have a child standing in them. Footrests on highchairs are using not adjustable and are there just for appearance. Most highchairs are foldable for taking on holiday and some are more compact than others so consider size when folded if travelling a lot. Another very compact model is the hook- on highchair which has a metal frame and fabric cover with arms which hook onto a table. It does not fit round tables or tables with a glass top and comes with a waist strap only so not suitable if the child is a “Houdini”

Useful accessories are – a mat that covers the floor under the highchair to catch spills and there will be spills, lots of them

  • A toy that suctions on to the tray of the highchair to keep the child busy while you are preparing and checking the temperature of the food
  • Bibs, you can’t have too many
  • Wipes, disposable or little soft facecloths

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