Buyers Guide to a Safe and Comfortable Crib


When it comes to sleep time for your baby Babyco has different options for you to choose from.

Your choices include:

A bassinette or cradle which can be situated beside the parental bed or in the baby’s room. This will be suitable from birth until a baby starts to roll at around four months of age. Some are portable and can be taken out when visiting relatives so baby can still have a peaceful sleep in a familiar bed.100% cotton sheet sets to fit bassinettes are available from Babyco . Cotton or wool blankets are recommended rather than those made from man-made fibres so baby does not overheat.

– A crib/cot which is a strong wooden piece of furniture and is used for a long period of time. In fact, the Genesis brands of wooden cot, available from Babyco, convert to a toddler bed and then to a couch or day bed so are used for many years. In fact, even a school age child can come home after an exhausting day and flop down on one of these to read their homework reader.

– A portable cot can be used until a child weighs 14kgs (around 2 years old) and is really useful when travelling as it folds up and fits into a carry bag for stowing in the boot of the car or taking on a plane when going on holiday. Grandmothers often find a portacot useful when having children sleeping over as it can be stowed away in a cupboard when not needed. A portacot is not suitable to be used as a baby’s main bed as the mattress is not appropriate for a growing body but they are fine for holiday use.


When choosing  a cot, ask about the safety standards and check that you can comfortably get a baby in and out. The wooden cots with a one hand drop side are safe and easy to operate. The staff at Babyco will teach you how the one hand drop side system works. The cots at Babyco are made from New Zealand pine and sprayed with non-toxic stains.


A wooden cot can be used for a tiny new born baby rather than using a bassinette if desired. If using a big cot right from birth, there are a couple of options to make a small baby comfortable in such a big space. A sleep wedge or a Safe-t-Sleep are both useful. Some mothers like to wrap their baby to make them feel cosy and secure. Babyco sells a wide range of sleep wraps and sleeping bags.

Other products to go with a cot/crib are:

  • 100% cotton sheet sets
  • A mattress protector
  • Cotton or wool blankets
  • A listening monitor
  • A cot mobile
  • Night lights


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