Night Lights – Fun Night Lights For Your Baby!

Why get a night light for my baby?

Benefits of a Night Light

  • Guide to toilet
  • Comforting light
  • No monster under the bed
  • Music for comforting
  • Friendly characters

Nightlights are useful for a variety of situations

  • They provide enough light for restful breast feeding
  • They allow a baby to have a nappy changed without putting on the harsh overhead light
  • They allow a parent to creep in to peep at a sleeping baby to check all is well

A grandmother holding the hand of a little girl once said at Babyco that she had come to buy one of the lights that keep ”witches and ghosties” away. There is no scientific proof but I believe they keep monsters away too.

Even an older child who gets up to go to the toilet in the dark finds the soft glow helpful.

They can be just a simple LED light which plugs into the wall socket in the bedroom and is left turned on all the time. The light comes on when the room gets dark at night and turns on when daylight arrives in the morning. The bulbs have a long life but replacement bulbs can be purchased.

Another option is a cute, safe animal light which can be taken to bed and cuddled. These have two brightness settings and a timer which can be set to 10,20 or 30 minutes and are great for children who are afraid to go to bed when it is dark.

For very young babies there are some mobiles which have music and soft lights to provide a soothing sleeping environment.

Some sound monitors have a night light so that is a feature to look for when buying a monitor too

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