What Pram or Stroller is Best for me?

What Pram or Stroller is the best for me?!

Different types of prams / strollers:

Generally people use the word buggy to refer to a three wheel sporty model and stroller for the more traditional type with four wheels. Prams, strollers, buggies, whatever you want to call them, are a must to pop baby into and get out of the four walls and smell the flowers. A walk in the buggy is a sure fire way of settling a grumpy baby, You get fresh air and exercise at the same time and may even get the chance to talk to an adult or buy a loaf of bread at the bakery.

Many people buy the wrong buggy for their lifestyle so various things should be taken into consideration before purchasing one. Babyco staff can point out the various features and benefits of the wide range of buggies in store so pop in for a demonstration

1/ Do you want to go to the park, zoo, sports ground, walk along the promenade at the beach or are you just wanting a buggy to use on the smooth floor of the Mall? You need pneumatic tyres for varied surfaces and walking quickly but plastic/polyurethane wheels are okay for strolling in a Mall.

2/ Are you planning to have another baby quite quickly? This cuts down your options severely as there are not many options for a buggy where a second child’s seat can be added later. Many manufacturers find it hard to design a buggy that takes a later additional child and still meets stability standards. Most buyers therefore prefer to buy the buggy that most suits their needs now and worry about how to accommodate a second child if and when the situation arises.

3/ Do you want to face your baby in the buggy? Several brands available at Babyco have bassinettes as an extra attachment to allow this for up to six months to help with valuable mother/baby bonding

4/ If you are a busy athletic mum,do look at aluminium- framed three wheel buggies with pneumatic tyres. They are stronger but lighter than steel-framed ones, easy to use and fold and great to use. Babyco even sells two buggies with bigger wheels and hand brakes for VERY serious joggers but the other three wheel models are fine for a little bit of jogging and vigorous power walking

5/When you have chosen a buggy do check that it will fit into the boot of your car. If space in your car or home is a problem,Babyco has some mini models to solve this. Also,on some buggies the wheels can be quickly removed and replaced to help if the boot space in your car is small

6/Babyco stocks a wide range of strollers and buggies for all needs from our own brand Babyco basic buggy through to a great selection of aluminium framed buggies from top companies, Baby Jogger and Mountain Buggy. All buggies from Babyco come with a 12month warranty for peace of mind purchasing.

7/ Strollers sold by Babyco  are very safe. They have been checked for stability,hazardous gaps and openings,the strength of locking and latching devices and all have a harness which MUST be used at all times

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