Nappy Bags – Picking and Stocking the Perfect Nappy Bag


A nappy bag is an absolute essential item to purchase when having a baby.. It provides lots of nooks and crannies to store every little item that you will need for a day out with your baby. Having a place for all those useful little items will make taking baby out a much more smooth running occasion.

There are lots of different kinds of nappy bags but most have easy access to a variety of pockets and pouches and contain a nappy changing mat. Some are quite basic in fabric and appearance and reasonably priced. They do the job quite well but lack the style of the designer models. There are also quite a few choices in the mid-range price level which have more features than the basic ones but lack a little of the style of the top-end designer brands. Babyco has a great range to choose from overall price levels.

If Dad is going to be a hands-on Dad and take the baby out on his own, it would be a good idea to consider buying him his own nappy bag. Men often have their own ideas about how a bag should be organized and their taste in design is certainly different from a woman’s. A man often prefers a plain black back pack model or a messenger bag which he can pretend holds his laptop.

When choosing a nappy bag have a good look at all the features.

Things to look for are:


  • Does it have a nappy change pad?
  • Does it have a compartment for wet items?
  • Does it have enough pockets for wipes, creams, nappies, hand cleanser etc?
  • Does it have space for your wallet?
  • Does it have easily accessible pockets for your keys and phone?
  • Does it have an insulated compartment to keep a bottle cool?
  • Is it washable or spongeable?
  • Will it fit in the basket under your stroller?
  • Is it comfortable to carry on your back or over one shoulder? (Remember not to carry a heavy bag on the handles of a stroller as the stroller may become unstable)

Things to pack in your Nappy Bag

When you have chosen and purchased your nappy bag ,take it home and pack it with the following to enable you to have hassle-free days out with your baby:

  • Spare nappies
  • plastic diaper bags for hygienic disposal
  • wipes
  • nappy cream
  • hand sanitizer
  • burp cloth or spare cotton nappy (Babyco sells cotton nappies in packs of 12 which have a myriad of uses),
  • a wrap or small blanket
  • change of clothes
  • Beanie
  • Jacket
  • Bottle and formula or breast pads and Purelan cream if you are breastfeeding
  • A couple of favourite toys to provide distraction if the day is going pear-shaped.

If the baby is over six months, add a couple of bibs, snacks, a sunhat, sunscreen ,a sippy cup, a teething toy and perhaps a little board book.

A nappy bag packed with these items means you are always prepared for all eventualities. Go out and have fun with baby

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