Playpens – Keeping Your Baby Safe in a Play Pen

Keeping your baby safe in a playpen

A wooden playpen can be purchased from Babyco. It is foldable for  portability   and made from safe, untreated, New Zealand pine timber which can be sucked and chewed. They have hinge covers so a baby cannot trap fingers and the rungs are spaced so hands and feet will not get stuck.

A playpen is not a goal or a place to “park” a baby for long periods of time but is a great product to have to keep your baby safe when you need to do something dangerous e.g. using an iron with a tempting dangling power cord.

Babies who can crawl  are able to move with amazing speed so a playpen is great to keep them safe for short periods of time when a mother is really too busy to watch closely.

To start using a playpen, place tempting toys in and spend some time showing him how they work to spark his interest. When he is happily settled and playing with the toys you can get on with your tasks but be aware that if he feels “dumped” he will let you know so patient preparation is needed. Make sure he can see you and talk or sing so the two of you communicate and both stay happy.

A playpen can also be very useful in a house where there are inquisitive cats or dogs that are likely to scratch or lick the baby. I have even heard of a grandmother who bought a playpen for her dog to keep him safe from the visiting grandchildren

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